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Project groups for Automation & Robotics

Human-Robot Interaction

Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has gained importance over the years. This implies a paradigm change where robots are no longer exclusively separated from users by physical barriers, and instead allows for humans to take full advantage of a physical and/or cognitive interaction with machines. ...







Distributed optimization for cyber-physical systems

The number of realistic industrial use cases for embedded control of cyber-physical systems using small-scale computational units is steadily increasing. Typical applications are for example Internet of Things, smart energy systems, building automation and smart homes. ...







Environment perception for automated driving

Nowadays, autonomous driving is not only a futuristic dream anymore, but may become a reality in the next years. The automotive industry is working continuously on the development of new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that will initially assist the driver in various safety-critical situations and eventually take over the driving task completely. Besides actual car manufacturers like...







RAC3R - Rapid Assistance through Connected Remotely operated Rescue Robotics

The deployment of mobile and networked robotic systems that support rescue forces is a promising approach to increase safety and efficiency in disaster response missions. To enable such use cases, solutions for high-performance wireless communication between robots and operators are essential. Especially in the highly unpredictable conditions of disaster scenarios, solutions for highly reliable...







Hardware/Software Simulation Environment for Automotive Multicore Systems

Embedded hardware platforms currently used in automotive are becoming increasingly complex and heterogeneous with the adoption of multi/many-core processors systems. Appropriate simulation frameworks allow to understand the timing behavior of the system depending on software and hardware characteristics, as well as explore different design architectural choices and quantitatively evaluate their...












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