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Planning and implementation of a robot based assembly process

Lehrstuhl: Control and Automation of Production Processes (RAP)

Betreuer: Matthias Neuhaus, Anna Oster,

Beginn ab: 17.10.2016

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 6

Beschreibung: Automated assembly lines are the standard nowadays. They allow the production of various parts with the same precision and quality, which means not only an increase of productivity, but also a safer workspace for the employees, if the production process involves dangerous tasks or materials. Assembly lines consist of various sensors and actuators, which check the components e.g. for errors and assemble them afterwards. To make all involved components work together, good planning and design of those assembly lines are needed, as well as the programming of all the parts. The objective of this project group is to plan and implement such an assembly process of glue rollers.

The individual tasks of the project are:

1.Planning the complete assembly process and developing concepts for the
different hardware components

2.Choosing adequate components for the task

3.Programming the robots and the PLC

4.Documentation of the complete assembly line

Students are required to have knowledge in either robot or PLC programing. Furthermore, the participant should be able to work self-organized in their assigned groups and solve tasks autonomously.

The first group meeting takes place on 17.10.16 at 10:00 in the study factory (directions will be given via e-mail). Meetings are scheduled regularly (weekly) and attendance is mandatory. Each meeting will start with a short presentation of the current status of the work.