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Designing and implementing a distributed control structure for a multi-agent system using ROS and Arduino

Lehrstuhl: DYN

Betreuer: Marina Rantanen-Modeer,

Beginn ab: 1.10.2018

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 4

Beschreibung: The DYN experimental pipe-less production plant uses a number of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV:s) and production stations to produce colored plaster. It currently builds on a centralized control structure where each acting agent follows instructions from the central PC (sometimes via a PLC), using both wired and wireless local networks. There is no intelligence embedded into the agents and the setup is hence entirely dependent on accurate feedback from the outside structure. The software framework designed for operating and controlling the plant, is made in C Sharp (C#) and employs a Non-linear Model Predictive Controller (NMPC) for the trajectory planning and collision avoidance of the AGV:s.

Introducing the Robot Operating System (ROS) and thereby redesigning the system to employ a distributed control structure would however enable more efficient operation of the plant. This project aims at setting up a design of a new software architecture for the entire production plant based on ROS programmed in Python on a Linux platform. Furthermore, a local positioning algorithm will be implemented on the AGV:s using an Arduino Due. The objective of the new system is to increase the intelligence of the system agents and enable parallel computations at each node of the network to increase the ability for real time operations with less central processing effort. The system will be based on a highly modularized architecture which will facilitate the scalability and adaptability of the system for future additions and modifications.