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Cost Efficient Wireless Process Automation

Lehrstuhl: DYN

Betreuer: Clemens Lindscheid,

Beginn ab: 1.10.2018

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 4

Beschreibung: The term “Industry 4.0” is used to describe the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the boundaries between physical and digital world become blurred. In the chemical industry, this means a trend towards cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create smart plants. As smart sensors and actuators contain logic control or even basic controls the classical hierarchy of automation cannot be used anymore to organize the automation. Instead of the hierarchical structure, the IoT sensors and actuators are included in a (wireless) network where they can communicate with other machines and humans.
In this project group such an automation approach should be developed and tested on a chemical example process. The individual control modules should be based on Arduinos and WIFI modules. For more computational power and data storage raspberry PIs can be used.