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i-Automate - Modular configurable and testable automation architecture for future active electrical power networks

Lehrstuhl: Institute ie3

Betreuer: Rajkumar Palaniappan,

Beginn ab: Winter 2019 - nach Absprache

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 8

Beschreibung: With the increasing renewable energy generation, it becomes more important to include more measurements also in the distribution grid of the electrical energy network. With the help of these measurements, protection and control of the network parameters also becomes a very challenging task for the network operators. In the project i-Automate, a flexible system architecture is designed that makes it possible to map both protection and control functions as well as smart grid automation functions for use in electrical energy networks on a uniform system platform. The system will mainly be used in local area network stations, the interfaces between medium and low voltage networks. In addition to the mainly local-autonomous protection functions known today, higher-level, aggregated and coordinated functions for network monitoring and control will also be implemented.

The idea of the project group is to validate the implemented protection and smart grid algorithms in other different networks across the world using real-time simulator (RTS). First, the different networks across the world available in different formats have to be uniformly brought into a standardized energy network designing software and thereby onto the RTS in Simulink. The validation of the implemented algorithms will give an overall understanding of how the electrical energy networks across the world are similar/different so that the customers will have access to better quality electrical energy.

Major tasks include:
• Convert the networks from different formats to Powerfactory
• Proper positioning of the measurement points and network reduction for observability
• Transfer of the grid in Simulink for the RTS
• Validation of the implemented algorithms
• Comparison of the results with the standard network from Germany

Requirements for participation:
• Knowledge of electrical engineering concepts including power flow analysis
• Basic understanding of Powerfactory and Simulink software