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Construction of topographic maps based on UAV-acquired aerial images

Lehrstuhl: Image Analysis Group (Bildsignalverarbeitung)

Betreuer: Christian Wöhler, Malte Lenoch,

Beginn ab: October 2013

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 10

Beschreibung: The goal of this project group is to build a framework for the construction of topographic maps based on 3D terrain reconstruction relying on the analysis of images acquired by a camera mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, here: a model airplane). Generating topographic maps is an important application of image-based 3D surface reconstruction methods.

The first work package of the project comprises the acquisition of aerial image data suitable for photogrammetric analysis, the intrinsic calibration of the camera, and the rectification of the camera images with respect to the pinhole model. The second work package consists of building a bundle adjustment based software framework for structure from motion, which is able to simultaneously reconstruct the 3D shape of the surface under study and the 3D pose (position and orientation) of the camera during image acquisition. Here it is intended to draw to some extent upon publicly available software routines for feature tracking and bundle adjustment. The third work package deals with the 3D visualisation of the constructed topographic maps and the transformation of a suitable subset of the acquired image data into cartographically useful orthoimages.

In the project group, programming will be performed mainly in Matlab, and some additional basic knowledge in C/C++ will be favourable. Furthermore, the participants should have basic knowledge in computer vision.