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Simultaneous Localization and Tracking (SLAT) in the presence of a single or multiple objects

Lehrstuhl: IRF

Betreuer: Daniel Hauschildt,

Beginn ab: 1.10.

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 9

Beschreibung: Abstract:
The problem of tracking an single object in a sensor network while simultaneously localizing and calibrating the nodes of the network is called SLAT. During the group project several state of the art SLAT methods shall be implemented and tested in MATLAB. Additionally SLAT should be extended to track not only a single but multiple objects.
For evaluation purposes, the Ubisense Realtime Localization System (RTLS) will be used as reference system.


* Put the Ubisense RTLS into operation
* Implement and Test SLAT algorithms in MATLAB
( * Extend SLAT to track multiple objects )
* Verification of the algorithms with MATLAB simulations
* Evaluation of the performance with the Ubisense RTLS