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Controller design for co-operating articulated arm kinematics

Lehrstuhl: IPS / IRPA

Betreuer: Sven Stumm, Maria Plyusnina,

Beginn ab: 06.10.2014

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 6

Beschreibung: The objective of the project group “Controller design for co-operating articulated arm kinematics” (CoDeCo) the design and implementation of a controller for synchronized movement of two different articulated arm kinematics. Therefore Controllers for each articulated arm kinematic also have to be designed and implemented. Using the graphical programming language tool Simulink (Matlab) a controller for a Universal Robot and a LWA-3 will be design, as well as a controller for synchronized movement. The Universal Robot will be connected to the ros Framework and all controllers will be translated into ros Nodes extending the work of previous project groups. The developed framework should be designed to be easily extensible.

A Basic Introduction to ros can be found at http://www.ros.org/core-components/
A Basic Introduction to Simulink can be found at http://www.mathworks.com/products/simulink/features.html
The topic presentation can be found at Topic Presentation

Work topics:

  • Design of a robot arm controller for the Universal Robot

  • Extending the LWA-3 robot arm controller

  • Creating a controller for sychronized movement of two robot TCPs

  • Interfacing the Universal Robot using the robot operating system (ros)

  • Extending the existing Simulink to ros interfaces


  • Everyone who is interested in the Project Group should apply via E-Mail to Sven.Stumm@TU-Dortmund.de and has to participate in a technical aptitude test

  • The technical aptitude test takes place at the MB II in room 316
    on 09.07. at 15:00 O’Clock and on 15.07. at 15:00 O’Clock

  • If you are interested and cannot participate at the given dates please write an E-Mail to Sven.Stumm@TU-Dortmund.de

  • The test is comprised of:

    • General questions about Object Oriented Programming, which are not programming language specific.

    • Questions about graphical programming and the design of a articulated arm controller for continuous path movement.

  • The number of participants is limited.

  • Participants will be assigned topics for which a presentation has to be prepared for the Kick-Off Meeting / Workshop