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Distributed Unit Commitment

Lehrstuhl: Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics - ie3

Betreuer: Sebastian Ruthe, Alexander Worgull,

Beginn ab: 01.10.2014

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 12

Beschreibung: The objective of the project group is the implementation and setup of a distributed system for the unit commitment of virtual power plants. A virtual power plant is defined as a cluster of several distributed generators and loads which are collectively controlled. Two possible applications by aggregating the electrical output are the provisioning of system services and/or react on price incentives from the energy exchange. Therefore a distributed and scalable approach for the unit commitment of distributed energy resources (DER) and controllable loads was developed at the Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics. The computing time is practically independent from the number of units what makes the approach suitable for future smart grid scenarios with a very high number of DER and loads.

Within this project work the individual components of the distributed systems have to be implemented on the basis of the Raspberry PI. A reference implementation in Java will be provided which is to be extended by additional functions (for example the balancing and accounting of energy). As a software framework the Java Agent DEvelopment Framework (JADE) will be used.

Besides numerous DER-simulation models two physical generator-/load-models are available in a test bed. These models are used to evaluate the system in a practical application.

Work topics:

- Reference implementation as a distributed system based on the Raspberry PI
- Adding of an asset master data-service: data storage and rudimentary asset authentication
- Adding of a billing-service: overview of the energy demand of individual units
- Practical evaluation of the overall system within a laboratory setup