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Development of a multistep test environment for advanced driver assistance systems

Lehrstuhl: Institute of Control Theory and Systems Engineering

Betreuer: Christian Götte, Christian Wissing,

Beginn ab: 04.04.2016

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 8

Beschreibung: Advanced driver assistance systems support the driver in critical situations and increase the driving comfort on long drives. In future more and more driving tasks will be transferred from the driver to the automated vehicle. For the development and testing of such functions, test environments with varying requirement levels are necessary. Starting from pure computer simulation the next step could for example be the application and testing of the developed algorithm on a real time system, e.g. a driving simulator.

During the project the interfaces between an existing computer simulation and a fixed based driving simulator should be matched to enable a flawless development process. Utilizing the driving simulator various highway and crossing scenarios can be created to build a data base for driving maneuvers, which can then be used to implement algorithms in the field of trajectory planning and maneuver prediction.

Work packages:
1. Computer Simulation
- Implementation of a MATLAB interface for an existing simulation environment
2. Driving Simulator
- Generation of various driving scenarios
- Creation of a database for maneuvers of realized driving scenarios
3. Computer Simulation <-> Driving Simulator
- Transfer and visualization of driving scenarios in MATLAB
- Implementation of a common interface between computer simulation and driving simulator
4. Development of algorithms for ADAS in the field of
- Maneuver prediction
- Trajectory planning based on potential fields, concerning as well the choice of appropriate objective functions based on the intended driving maneuver

- Knowledge of programming languages MATLAB and C/C++
- Interest in automated driving (trajectory planning, situation analysis)